The most common sports injuries


the result of overuse or

over training but can be

related to a problem in

the way your body

moves or poor

equipment from basic items such as

weights, rowing machine or even your


over training injuries are caused by

trying to increase training load too

quickly, this results in stress on an

inflamed or weak area resulting in

short term or long term damage.

Sports Injury Prevention

The main reasons for injury can


Sports injuries are

commonly caused by

overuse, direct impact,

or the application of

force that is greater

than the body part can structurally


Common injuries include bruises,

sprains, strains, joint injuries and nose


leaving an injury untreated can have

far more severe consequences.

Preventative action to stop sports


Not all sports injuries can be prevented, but you can reduce your risk of getting injured by: warming up properly before you exercise not pushing your body beyond your current fitness level If you start a new sport or activity, get advice and training from a qualified professional sports coach
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